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"Imagine Crystal Method or Enigma, but with Sarah Brightman on vocals... Andre Morgunoff & KeyOrchestra Show - new original music, beautiful melodies, perfect grooves and excellent sound design. This is a creative combination of Pop-Rock-Electronica with elements of Symphonic mixes. Remixes of famous classic cover 50-60-70-80-90`s Pop-Rock songs and classical masterpieces. From Albinoni and Tchaikovsky to Moody Blues and Depeche Mode".

"...International musical sensation of KeyOrchestra!" (Daily News, NYC)



"How does a band go about creating “New Music”? Not new lyrics and not even new sounds, but “New Music”. This question should be asked of Andre Morgunoff, they have created New Music. In their own classification they call it pop/electronic, but it is so much more then that. By uniting operatic voice, jazz riffs, electronic synth, a mean electric guitar and ethnic sounds KeyOrchestra has created music that is not only new and innovative but also keenly individual and inspired".

By: Kathleen Sharkey (IN-TUNE Magazine).

"...Dance Choreography, Aerialists and Costume Design. New KeyOrchestra live shows utilize these visuals, lighting and programming to deliver a truly unique musical experience. Customized performance for any kind of weddings, corporate or private event and concerts. Andre MORGUNOFF has the experience to provide the right mix of music to make your party a success. You won't need to plan the special details of your event with a sales person, manager, or someone else that will not be available to you 24/7. They will be your contact throughout all the planning stages, be there with you to ensure that all your expectations are met, and work with you on all the details that will guarantee a great time. KeyOrchestra always develop a friendly relationship with their clients and make sure your event is one that will be remembered by you, your family, and friends for many years to come."

By: Robert Welsh (Atlantic Artists A&R and Concert Department).

The KeyOrchestra project started in September, 2005. Firs debut World-class album "BORN AGAIN" is mixed and mastered at SONY/BMG, released on March 5, 2006. Every musical composition has its own screenplay for live stage performance and is accompanied by professional Video, Sound and perfect Light; All music for KeyOrchestra Show is created and produced by Andre Leonardo Morgunoff (ASCAP)– is a American pianist, multi-platinum producer and composer with an extensive musical background. In his more-than-25-year international career, he has received many awards for recording, arranging, and sound design. His experience in live performance is vast. Andre has written and recorded over 250 original compositions, soundtracks and songs. His material is in demand by artists and producers throughout the United States and Europe. Since 1980, Andre has created solo projects and worked with artists and production companies in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Austria and South Africa. In the United States and Canada he has worked as a film composer and record producer. He has released seven solo albums, along with many other successful projects.

"...Imagine the Bolshoy Ballet dancing to Mannheim Steamroller while an Iron Butterfly light show is projected all over the stage and you’ll get an idea of what to expect from KeyOrchestra’s music... a definable category to be totally cool!!!

By: Mike Parker (Buddy Hollywood Magazine)

"KeyOrchestra is very special to us – it is our Creation. We really believe that this music will be loved and as a proof of that, we have already had thousand`s rewarding internet reviews from all around the world and new album selling rate is spinning high. We hope to see you soon in our new show ". By: Andre Morgunoff. 

Many international producers and A&R`s evaluated KeyOrchestra music as a high level of production and outstanding sound quality, calling it very modern intellectual music. Related to: Enigma, Deep Forest, William Orbit, Sarah Brightman, Robert Miles, Yanny, BOND, Pink Floyd, Enaya, Nina Hagen, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis. Creative vision of KeyO’ is to develop a new music gerne and style. 

KeyOrchestra Show Live on Stage:

Andre Leonardo Morgunoff – music creator, director, piano/keyboard/midi vibraphone, midi wind instruments, percussion.

Olga Lomtev – voice, mezzo-soprano, back up/ethnic vocal, keyboard. Classical vocal, has an amazing, beautiful and powerful voice (mezzo-soprano). Born and raised in Moscow, Russia. She was also a student of Moscow Conservatory at vocal class of world famous opera singer Elena Obrastsova. Touring all over the world with solo performances. Today Olga performs at City-Opera (Manhattan, New York) and KeyOrchestra.


Irina Morgunoff – electric guitar/dance - professional dancer, cool guitar player and model. Born and raised in Riga, Latvia. Her stage career began at 5, as a ballet dancer which soon after transformed into a pop dancer. In the past she danced for the best both European singer/performer. Oftenly changes something about her image and lifestyle. Andre`s wife and mother of 3 amazingly talented children. Has supported all of Andre`s projects and dissections for over 23 years.

Diana Morgunoff - flute/back up vocal/keyboard/guitar. This life loving, active, head strong, smart intelligent and very talented kick ass 20 yr old knows how to rock! Born in Hannover, Germany and raised in Atlantic City. Not to mention that she speaks 5 fluent languages, plays guitar, flute and keyboard. also does back up vocals. loves modeling, friends, shopping (like any other teenager) and her family. loves KeyOrcherstra music & Show.



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KeyOrchestra Show Special Guests:

DaSha - very young performer. In her early teens, she started her music career like a vocalist, danser and bass player. She has participated in many International Competition all around the Globe. Finalist in the International Competition in Berlin, Germany, represented the USA and got 1st place in the Vocalist Category. In May 2006 opened the American Idol Show in Hollywood Florida at the Seminole Hard Rock Live which was broadcasted LIVE! Other Celebrity Guests and performers included were Wyclef Jean, Comedian Tommy Davidson, Pauly Shore, and many others. National recording artist.

Original italian Tenor Chris Carrico, a native of Florence (Italy), has performed over 20 leading and supporting roles in Opera and Musical Theater on Broadway. Opera credits include Nemorino in L'elisir d'amore, Alfredo Germont in La Traviata, Rinuccio in Gianni Schicchi, Tamino in The Magic Flute, and Ernesto in Don Pasquale. For his portrayal as Ralph Rackstraw in HMS Pinnafore, The Washington Post said, "Mr. Carrico is visually and vocally appealing, and endowed with considerable acting skills." Opera News said, "Mr. Carrico combined marvelous comic timing with fine singing." Mr. Carrico sings regularly with The New York City Opera and The Metropolitan Opera in New York City.

Alex Bach is an exceptionally gifted drummer and production executive (drums/percussion). Playing original projects (The Crime, Blue Ruin, Cut Throat Lane, The Goods, Goat Singers) Alex was invited for session work with accomplished artists (John Goodsall, co-founder of Brand X with Genesis’ Phil Collins and a David Bowie collaborator Robin Lumley; Sasha Krivtsov, former Billy Idol bassist and in-house bassist for CBS’s popular “Rock Star” series and many more). With mastery of diverse musical genres, Alexander also put in some solid hours (as a for-hire or in original projects) at top U.S. and European recording studios, including A&M, Paramount, Signature, Indigo Ranch, Flight-19 and Criteria/Hit Factory. His latest international collaborative success includes recording in projects with Kenny G, Missy Elliot and Maya.

@ANALOG LEGEND - Electronica-Industrial but with real perfect live performance. This new Andre Morgunoff`s & Alex BACH project is a hybrid music; the sound of the future that seems equally at home in much of the great psychedelic and dance, classi-analog sounds related musical movements of the past as well as right now. Energetic live drum-grooves, 3D animation video-stage, perfect light & FX



Aerialists from "Cirque Du Soleil" show

Svetlana Portnyansky - Her performances include the International Songs Festivals in Moscow, New York, Montreal and Italy just to name a few. She performed with Noreen Green Jewish Symphony Orchestra, La Mirada Symphony Orchestra, at the Gala Concert "Israel 2000" and "Israel 2002" in Greek Theater; in Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles; at the Carnegie Hall, Merkin Hall, Lincoln Center in New York; Tokyo Opera City in Japan and at the Bolshoy Theater in Moscow. In 1996 she recorded the soundtrack for Steven Spielberg's documentary "Survivors of Holocaust" at Capitol Records, in 2002 - soundtrack for Jeff Kanew's film "Babij Jar". Throughout her career, Svetlana has performed with internationally renowned stars such as Steve Allen, Lionel Hampton, Maximilian Schell, Roselin Kind, Lenny Kazan, Clare Berry, Debbie Friedman, Bruce Addler, Mike Burstein, Cantor Dudu Fisher.

SonyKat - is that rare fusion of soaring vocals, second-to-none piano chops, and poetic lyricist-songwriter - in one a great performer. Combining rhythm, blues and gospel with a strong jazz sensibility, her repertoire of original songs runs the gamut from aggressively expressive to intimate and emotional, spanning the themes of passionate human experience. While she cites Run-DMC, Laura Nyro, Cheryl Lynn and Ray Charles as influences, her piano training at Juilliard – earning her a Bachelor's degree in 2005 (and a Master's degree in 2007) – enables her to put massive technique at the service of her new sound. Leaving her native Moscow for New York in 2001, she lost no opportunity to be heard, appearing in such venues as CBGB's, Lincoln Center's Juilliard international Festival, and in venues outside of the USA

KeyOrchestra models

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I think you guys are the Bomb!!! Your music is very fresh and new!!! I would love to see you perform. Where ? When ? How ? Thank you!!!

- Gerald Richard Colantuon, USA (BroadJam Composer/Producer)

Imagine the Bolshoy Ballet dancing to Mannheim Steamroller while an Iron Butterfly light show is projected all over the stage and you’ll get an idea of what to expect from KeyOrchestra’s BORN AGAIN... a definable category to be totally cool!!!

- Mike Parker (Buddy Hollywood Magazine)

The songs on the “KeyOrchestra” elicit such a variety of emotions and memories it is hard to not admire the hard work and devotion put into the culmination of these works. Born Again, the title song, is the perfect introduction to the album with its smooth rhythm and electronic dance beat blended with a flowing keyboard movement. Bouquet of Fantasies, slows down to a symphonic Jazz riff blended with electronic and celtic-esque sounds. Forward to the Past brings Olga Lomteva’s opera voice to add vocal composition to a gentle electronic flavor. French Song uses ethnic vocals and mellow New Age music to create a musical blending of voice and tone. Morning in Manhattan can best be described, at least by me, as the aural picture of a dance party spilling out from Juilliard and into the streets of Manhattan. All in all this CD is a vibrant variety of classical skill, joyous composition and talent, talent, talent. I can envision great things for this band and I wish them only the most prosperous of futures.
- Kathleen Sharkey (IN-TUNE Magazine).

Imagine Crystal Method or Enigma, but with Sarah Brightman on vocals. The basis of Key Orchestra's music is a synth-pop electronic groove punctuated with so-so keyboards and good guitar licks, and in some songs, very good operatic female vocals that may be the strongest element of the album. There are some good piano lines, and the song structures are almost progressive or jazzy - but there's so much of that new-agey programmed synthetic percussion that some listeners may be turned off before appreciating the strengths of this music.

- Duncan Glenday, USA (Sea of Tranquility Magazine)


Great music!! (Born Again) I have to say you are one of the most unique bands I have heard, high quality production and composition... Bravo!!!

- valkir, USA (Composer/Producer)

Music To Float To .. (Bouquet of Fantasies)

WoW Who's the Soprano ???
Love the Operatic Touches ...
Angelic Arrangement
Produced with a FINE Touch
Love the sparse piano ...
Multilayered Track - Original

- KaT, Mixposure, Australia

4ward to the < (Forward to the Past) Chilly voice Ntro as the vocals creep in with patterns blending on the strong key melodies with the great female falsetto ad lib leading the flow of the melody pathways set up by the Xcellent keyboard and deep with rhythmic depth and dynamics as the patterns build and swith voicing...SWEET...

-Austn, Music Connections Magazine, USA

And Ithought... (Bouquet of Fantasies) And I thought original music was dead. Absolutely amazing sounds!
I'm guessing you guys had a lot of fun creating those! Production - Top notch. Melodies - Dreamy! A truly professional, original and surprising track!
Great job on this one!

- Fred, USA (Composer/Producer)

Interesting!!! (The Immigrants) great use of samples and sounds, love the rhythm and the synths and the atmosphere, wow then the guitars remind me of a UK band called the specials in the late 70's early eighties then it breaks into a lounge type sound . This has got the lot except a break through vocal but it doesn't need it as u have loads going on and its mixed really well. this is great. Love to hear what you think of our tracks

- AUTEZ CRAY, Canada (Producer)

Lazy summer days..... (Dream Valley) I am liking this too. What a beautiful dreamy vibe you have with this. So wonderfully laid back, the sort of tune that makes me think of lazy summer afternoons by the beach. Stunning mixture of electro sounds and acoustic upright bass. The pads are awesome. All the instruments were chosen with one thing in mind, that was to create a cool laid back, chill out zone of a song, and it has succeeded. It works for me....

- Steve Martin, UK (Guitar/Producer)

Very cool track! (Morning in Manhattan) Nice intro...very cool beats, makes you want to move your body along with the tune...Very nice synth pad, cool sounds all around the stereo field... A pleasant listening for sure, well produced and arranged. Congrats, amazing work!

- Carolin Liena, USA (ASCAP Songwriter)

Oh yeah! (Jump) Now we're the upbeat ethnic feel to this...nice use of the vox and synth elements. Also some nice organic sounding melodic are all very talented and have some pretty unique music... I really like this tune, gets a MIX PIX from me...great job :)

- Bob J Marvin, New Zeeland (Producer/Sound Designer)

Brilliant (Olympic Spirit) reminds me a bit of Jarre "revolutions" but this is a house wonderland, sounds everywhere, i will get my headset on.
Great tune, Great band!

- Remix Magazine, USA

Full of eastern promise..... (Morning in Manhattan)
This made me sit up and take notice straight away. It has a lot of elements I like in music from the eastern ethnic vocals to nicely composed electronics to a hint of Yellow Magic Orchestra. I like the tune very much, and could easily listen to this over and over again. Very nice production to this very "danceable" track. The ending could do with a bit of editing as I could here the start of another track right at the end. I like this a lot.

- Live Sound Magazine, USA


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