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Atlantic-Artists - music management, production and publishing company, in the best communications with hundreds of different musical establishments. Every week we receive thousands of requests for Major and Independence TV/Radio and Media company music placements. We work with a lot of Record Labels, Music Libraries, Agencies and Music supervisors, Video & Computer Games developing company, Film directors and databases ALL OVER THE WORLD, who are looking for something new to put out on the market. By responding to the request you are given a great opportunity of working with some amazing American and International music companies and get in your music out. We specializes in top level music productions and future distribution. We have an extensive network of contacts at all levels of the present-day American recording industry. Atlantic-Artists offers many additional services that are essential to the success of your project and you professional musical career.

Philosophy: The leaders and staff of Atlantic-Artists are convinced that in business, everybody should concentrate on their role. You are the author, artists or performer, and you should allow other professionals to take care of their area of expertise.

Where We Are

One of the main offices and studios of Atlantic-Artists is located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Atlantic City is America's second-largest center of the entertainment industry after Las Vegas - it is situated on the ocean shore, near New York, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia. Our city is a beautifu location for creative work, relaxation, and business meetings regarding contracts.

Atlantic-Artists has recently launched operations in USA, Canada, South America, Australia, Japan, Eastern and Western European countries, Russia, and so far we have met with great success. The international music departments of Atlantic Artists is composed of a creative union of professionals, including experienced specialists in A&R, management, marketing, sales and distributions specialist, top producers, music directors, composers, arrangers, sound engineers, sound designer, stage and live performers management, video producers, and music attorneys.

Where to Start

Please browse through all of the sections of our website. The musicians page describes how Atlantic-Artists will help you embark on a successful international music career. Personal Representation lists the criteria that you must meet in order to work with us as a label-ready artist, musician, or composer. You will find a detailed description of everything necessary for us to start working together in how to start and legal. You should also read about the OPPORTUNITIES provided by Atlantic-Artists, as well as a description of our studio. For more announcements, jobs and music submission, go to: announcements

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