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Services Offered      

Atlantic Artists offers many opportunities and additional services that are essential to the success of your project and you professional musical career:

  • Arrangement, recording and bringing your musical project up to international standards. If you are located in another country, this can be done over the Internet. In addition, American musicians, including world-famous celebrities, can be engaged to work on your project.
  • Sound mixing in Atlantic Artists’ multi-million dollar New York studio.
  • Final mastering of your project in the WORLD UNIVERSAL Studios by multi-platinum & Grammy nominated sound producer Vlado Meller. Learn more about the studio, and view a list of few projects completed at the studio within the last several years.
  • Video recording, and developing a typical video presentation of your studio work.
  • Photo sessions and developing a professional marketing package.
  • Album cover art and other graphic materials produced by the best graphic designers.
  • High-quality CD/DVD/Vinil production in the United States, as well as quality printing of all marketing materials.
  • Represent your music to over 200 International computer & video game developing company.
  • Placement, registration and advertising your project with Internet distributors, including industry giants iTunes, Amazon, Artist Direct, MSN, Yahoo, The Rolling Stone, Rhapsody and many others.
  • Distribution your music through other 10,300 music stores, 51,000 gift stores, 24,000 mail-order catalog.
  • Placement, registration and advertising your project on over 2,500 Internet musical portals.
  • Placement, registration and advertising your project on over 3,800 American and Canadian radio stations.
  • Send information about your project through E-mailing-list Atlantic-Artits (over 1,000,000 address).
  • Publicity, announcements and advertising your projects with over 4,500 media outlets, especially major publications such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, Music Connections, Remix, etc.
  • Developing a dedicated 24/7/365 internet radio station (Air-play) for your project, engaging performers in your chosen musical style.
  • Financing your project on mutually profitable terms.
  • Creating a professional budget for your music project, and preparing all necessary documentation for obtaining financing on favorable terms.

The leaders and staff of Atlantic Artists are convinced that in business, everybody should concentrate on their role.

You are the author and performer, and you should allow other professionals to take care of their area of expertise. A sound producer will work with you in the studio. Your agent will handle negotiations and planning. A tour manager will arrange your concert touring schedule, while a stage manager will oversee the sound during live performances. Your album's cover art will be created by a graphic artist. A marketing promoter will advertise your project. Finally, your music attorney will represent your best interests when you sign contracts.

Please contact us if you have any questions - our consultants are waiting to assist you.


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