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Your International Professional Music Career      

Are You Ready For a International Professional Music Career?

Atlantic Artists is looking for composers, performers, music groups, and solo-artists who would like to start a professional international music career. We specialize in finding new talent, providing assistance in establishing a career in the music industry, creating and maintaining a database of presentation materials for submission to companies seeking new music and new ideas. We work with extablished professional musicians with studio and stage experience, as well as with those just starting out. Thousands of contracts are created in the contemporary music industry every day! Don't let the perfect opportunity pass you by.

Atlantic Artists Connects You to Opportunities in the Music Industry

To start a successful music career, you must not only have talent and financial backing - you must also have connections.

Atlantic Artists will represent you and your musical talent throughout all levels of the American recording and entertainment industry. The United States and Canada are annually the sites of dozens of prestigious festivals, contests and showcases. Participating in these events is an important step in establishing your music career - and Atlantic Artists will make sure that you participate. Hundreds of concert management agencies are looking for new talent - thanks to Atlantic Artists, some of them are going to become your concert agents. Dozens of music publishing companies and music libraries request new music in various styles for licensing, with subsequent royalties payments for the authors and performers - Atlantic Artists will put your on their map. Radio stations, which only in the US number over 3,500, are looking for new musical ideas, and Atlantic Artists will make sure that they hear yours. Internet distributors are waiting to partner with you - Atlantic Artists will put you in touch with them.

How Can Atlantic Artists Do This?

Atlantic Artists has partners among many major and independent labels, both in the United States and in other countries. Our connections include sound recording and distribution companies, concert promoting agencies, management companies, music attorneys, American composers' societies, performers' professional associations, television, radio, representatives of the film industry, the media, and Internet services. The development of the Internet has broadened the scope of our services. Communication and networking are easier, information is processed quicker, and it is easier to sign agreements. We don't exaggerate when we say that today Atlantic Artists is one of the most progressive and dynamic music management companies online.

Send Your Music to the World's Most Successful A&R's at Atlantic Artists

When you sign up for Personal Representation from Atlantic Artists, you will have access to:

  • Powerful contacts inside the music industry.
  • Up-to-date information about music business opportunities, including label contracts, performances, and more.
  • Participation in contests, festivals, and showcases.
  • Exposure through distributors, radio stations, advertising, arts management companies.
  • Personal representation by experienced agents.
  • Legal and copyright protection.
  • Many additional services are possible, including the use of a studio and professional equipment.

The decision is yours! When you begin working with Atlantic Artists, your professional music career will be managed by professionals. When you work with Atlantic Artists, our most important goal is your success.

What If I am Already Signed?

Even if you already have a contract with another company, you will benefit from working with Atlantic Artists and taking advantage of our consulting abilities. It's quite possible that, once your current contract expires, we will find something more interesting for you!

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