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Electronic Promotion Kit 2022

What is an EPK?      

The Electronic Promotion Kit (EPK) is an alternative electronic version of your regular press kit. The EPK uses a web-based graphical interface to present all of the information about your music project, including texts and lyrics, audio samples, videos, photographs, calendar, stage rider, posters, and links to other sites.

Many of the companies and agencies with whom you will be dealing prefer to receive presentation material from musicians and performers in electronic form because it allows them to save time and money. Your EPK on the Atlantic-Artists website is your electronic business card, which contains all of the information necessary to make a professional presentation to potential clients and agencies. At the same time, your Atlantic-Artists EPK signals that you are represented by a trustworthy company, you have legal protection, and you are ready to do business.

Electronic Promotion Kit options
Text Photos mp3 Video Link to Website Contact Information


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