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Personal Represenation in 2022`

Representation for Label-Ready Artists      

Are You a Label-Ready Artist?

  1. You are talented and ready for a professional career. This means that music is going to be your job, instead of a hobby.
  2. You are already established as an author and a performer. You are looking for expanded opportunities, and you are ready to learn from your professional colleagues in the music business.
  3. You have created musical materials that have creative and commercial potential, and you are ready to sign a contract.
  4. You have musical materials in the form of sketches, sheet music, demo home recording and you are ready to work with producer/arranger.
  5. You have demos of your music recorded in Home Studio and you are ready to start working in a professional studio.
  6. Your musical materials are ready to be released in an album, and you would like to sign a contract for mixing and/or mastering, release and distribution.
  7. You are a solo artist, and would like to work with other performers, musicians, orchestra, or a band.
  8. You can perform your music in public venues and shows, and you are ready to tour or to start a recording project.

If one or more of these descriptions fit you – you are ready to fast-forward your international music career with Atlantic Artists!

What We Do

We will work with you personally to create a strategy for your current project, and plan the further advancement of your career. If our A&R department decides to represent you in Media and Record industry, we will include a 24 Month NON-exclusive contract and all the details of what happens next.
Again, Atlantic-Artists is NOT a Record Label, but we have huge opportunities with the best contract conditions. In our artist roster are a few hundred musician, composer, and artists names. Among those also include awarded established artists which we have been working with for many years.

Additional Requirements

Personal Representation for Label-Ready Artists requires securing legal documentation of your author's rights.

Representation for Musicians, Assistant Composers...      

Are You a Musician ?

You would like to work in the studio as a session musician, or as a participant in an interesting project. You have the opportunity to work as a session musician, arranger, sound designer in many prestigious studios in the US and Canada. Quite often session professionals continue to work permanently on successful projects.

Are You a Composer?

American film producers, TV & Radio shows always need assistant composers. To qualify, you will need arranging experience, possibly using computer programs.

You may also want to try working in the studio as an assistant sound engineer. To qualify, you will need a working knowledge of modern equipment, such as an out-board, analog/digital audio mixing console, as well as software such as Pro-tools, Cubase, and Nuendo.

What We Do

In addition to sending your presentation kit to each of our partners, we will also enter your information into all Internet databases used by agents, musicians, and producers in the music industry.

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